Tackling ticket touts

A campaign to tackle ‘rip off’ ticket tout websites has been taken to the heart of the EU by the vice-chair of the European Parliament’s Consumer Protection Committee.

Catherine Stihler, Labour MEP for Scotland, has demanded urgent action is taken at a Europe-wide level.

Speaking in a committee meeting in Brussels, Ms Stihler outlined key proposals, including:

  • Websites which ‘resell’ already-purchased tickets should be required to do so at face-value.
  • Platforms such as Google must be required by the EU to take greater responsibility regarding the promotion of rip-off sites.
  • A ‘code of ethics’ should be introduced at EU-level to govern the action of ticket sales, including a requirement to be transparent about transaction fees, declaring any restrictions on tickets, identifying the location of the seller, and revealing any ties the seller has with the organisers of the event.

Catherine told MEPs from across Europe:

“We urgently need greater transparency of online market places.
“The secondary ticketing market has led to widespread profiteering off the back of genuine fans across Europe.
“European consumers are currently being ripped off, and we need to take action to prevent this.
“At an EU-level, we can take action to ensure that when EU consumers go online to buy a ticket to see a band or a comedian, they are not exploited. This is a cross-border issue to ensure that ticketing is ethical, transparent and has the best interests of fans at its heart.”

Speaking after the committee, Catherine said:

“The Daily Record’s ‘Stub out the Touts’ campaign has exposed how fans across Scotland are being ripped-off.
“Action is required at all levels of government, but given the cross-border nature of this problem, I believe it’s time for the EU to take action and as vice-chair of the consumer protection committee I will progress these proposals.
“But the clock is ticking on the UK’s influence in Brussels, which is why Brexit is so misguided.”