New poll: 49% of Scots want a vote on remaining in the EU

A major new poll has revealed that 49 per cent of voters in Scotland support a referendum with the choice of accepting Theresa May’s Brexit deal or remaining in the EU.
The findings from Survation, ahead of a live discussion programme tonight on Channel 4 ‘Brexit: What The Nation Really Thinks’, show that only 33 per cent oppose a referendum with this choice on the ballot paper.
Over one-fifth of Leave voters in Scotland said they back a referendum with these options.
Survation interviewed 20,000 people online, across every constituency in the UK, from October 20 – November 2. It is by far the biggest independent survey of its kind on Brexit.
The figures include a weighted total of 1,622 respondents in Scotland.

Catherine Stihler, Labour MEP for Scotland, said:

“This opinion poll confirms there is huge support for a people’s vote in Scotland.
“There are many different options for the ballot paper, but it’s significant that 49 per cent of Scots support a referendum which gives voters the choice of remaining in the EU.
“Whatever Theresa May puts before her Cabinet, and whatever deal is eventually put to the Commons, there is no such thing as a good Brexit. It will decimate jobs and harm our economy.
“It would be a failure of democracy not to put this decision back into the hands of the people through a public vote on the final Brexit deal, with the option of remaining in the EU.”


The polling tables can be found here

If the UK and the EU agree a deal on the terms of Brexit, would you support or oppose holding a referendum in which voters were asked to choose between: Accepting the deal or Remaining in the EU (sheet 2)

I would support a referendum with this choice on the ballot paper:
UK – 43%
Scotland – 49%

I would oppose a referendum with this choice on the ballot paper:
UK – 37%
Scotland – 33%

Don’t know
UK – 20%
Scotland – 19%