Freedom of Movement

WATCH: Click on the image below to see Catherine’s speech in the European Parliament about the Tories’ plan to end freedom of movement, and the decision to disenfranchise UK citizens living abroad during the 2016 EU referendum.


The text of Catherine’s speech:


Firstly I want to say how appalled I was today to hear the British Prime Minster boast about ending freedom of movement.

This is denying every UK citizen from opportunities to live, work and study across 27 countries.

On a personal level, myself, my family, my friends, my constituents are all going to lose their EU citizenship.

This is something we value

It is shameful to boast about denying individuals the rights they currently enjoy.

Far from creating Global Britain, my country is becoming Little Britain – small, insular and isolated.

On voting rights, the dreadful disenfranchisement of UK citizens living abroad during the EU referendum is one which the EU must never allow to happen again.

How could those who have most to lose have been denied their rightful say?

The terrible uncertainty hanging over UK citizens currently living in the EU is one which could have been avoided.

The EU needs to act to protect all its citizens’ rights.