Cyber-security speech

Cybersecurity speech 23/10/2017

Here is the link to the One Minute speech I gave in parliament yesterday on Cybersecurity:

Transcript of the speech:
As we live in an ever more deeply interconnected world, we rely more and become further dependent on online services. And it is not just our laptops or gadgets which are connected, it is public institutions, governments and, undeniably, our very homes.
Thanks to the Internet of Things billions more devices will soon be connected to the Internet. How will we make sure we stay safe in the online realm; that our personal or government data is not hacked into and our democratic processes are not tampered with?
I believe the Cybersecurity Package presented by the Commission last month takes the right approach to ensure we have a concrete European response to potential cybersecurity threats.
International and operational cooperation amongst Member States is key, and can only be achieved by bridging the internal/external, public/private and civil/military divides that exist within our MS and the EU.
The creation of EU cyber security standards and certification framework will also help businesses and citizens to understand when products are cyber-secure and improve trust in digital services.
I also welcome the announcement of the creation of the Public-Private Partnership on cybersecurity and the new European Cyber Security Research and Competence Centre, which will focus on helping EU companies and bolster European industrial capabilities.
The interconnected world we live in is exhilarating but it also poses potential challenges to every single individual living in the EU today. Through technological innovation, better traceability and accountability and collective cooperation between MS we can ensure EU businesses and citizens are safe both on- as well as offline.