Cabinet resignations

Following the resignation of Brexit Secretary David Davis, Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“Just days after her make-or-break summit, Theresa May’s Brexit plan is coming apart at the seams – and that’s even before the EU has had a chance to look at it and say if it’s credible. And if they conclude it’s not, as they have with May’s previous half-baked ideas, it won’t matter who’s selling the Brexit snake oil, be it Dominic Raab or David Davis or Del Boy, they won’t buy it, and as the EU needs to agree any deal, May would have to rethink her plan.

“Having waited two years for the Tories to come up with a plan, colleagues in Brussels and leaders in the 27 other EU capitals will be looking aghast at this latest shambles, unclear who they’re negotiating with, what they’re saying, and whether they have the support of parliament. The chaos, confusion, disruption and division runneth over.”