Brexit threat to NHS

Brexit threatens to cause ‘irreversible damage’ to the NHS as it marks its 70th anniversary, Labour MEP for Scotland Catherine Stihler has warned.

Ms Stihler, vice-chair of the European Parliament’s internal market committee, said a hard Brexit will deliver a major hit to the UK economy, dramatically reducing government revenues for the health service.

She said the least-worst option to save the NHS if the UK leaves the EU is to remain part of both the Single Market and the Customs Union, and she urged the Labour leadership to help rescue the NHS.But given the splits in the two major parties at Westminster, Ms Stihler said the public now deserve a People’s Vote with the option of saving the NHS on the ballot paper.

Catherine Stihler MEP said:

“The claim written on the side of Boris Johnson’s bus that Brexit would deliver £350million-a-week for the NHS was a disgraceful lie.
“Lower economic growth following the referendum result has already cost the country hundreds of millions of pounds, and we haven’t even left yet.
“The forecasts for future years show we are facing anaemic growth, translating into significantly lower tax receipts and considerably less cash for the NHS.
“On the 70th anniversary of the health service, I urge the Labour frontbench to save the NHS that we created and commit to Single Market and Customs Union membership at the very least.
“But given the risk of irreversible damage to the NHS, I believe the public deserve a People’s Vote where rescuing the NHS should be an option on the ballot paper.”