Bid to display nutritional information on alcohol bottles

Bottles of wine, beer and spirits could be forced to display nutritional information to give drinkers more information about ingredients and calorie content.

Labour MEP for Scotland and vice-chair of the European Parliament’s Consumer Protection committee, Catherine Stihler, is leading the charge to require alcohol products to carry the same information that is now commonplace on food products.

The move could see a ‘traffic-light’ system adopted which explains how many calories are in bottles or cans. There are around 600 calories in a bottle of wine.

Ms Stihler is a signatory on a letter penned by MEPs from across Europe to Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, who has responsibility for health and food safety in the European Commission. The signatories argue that self-regulation has not worked, and direct EU action is required.

Catherine Stihler MEP said:

“Regardless of whether they are buying an orange juice or wine, shoppers deserve to have nutritional information available to them which allows them to make informed choices.

“Great steps forward have been taken regarding food products, but there has not been the same level of progress when it comes to alcohol.

“The risks of liver damage from alcohol are widely known, but many alcoholic products contain large numbers of calories, which is less well known.

“An enforced labelling system would be much more transparent, and it’s time for the EU to take action on this. Unfortunately, Britain’s ability to influence issues such as this will be jeopardised by Theresa May’s reckless Brexit plans.”



MEP letter to Commissioner Andriukaitis concerning alcohol labelling and Reg 1169-2011